Deniro Farrar's "Mankind" music video is a striking visual. The North Carolina rapper appears to be alone in the desert, reading a copy of Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life. Things quickly change when he hears someone outside of his RV. Deniro begins his search for this mysterious stranger, missing him at every turn. The man eventually runs away before collapsing in the sand. Deniro catches up to him, realizes the traveler is dying and pays his respects to the unknown person.

The entire scene plays out with Deniro's reflective rhymes as the soundtrack. The Carolina MC relays his own experiences with mankind, including those who serve as obstacles to his success..

"But I made my bed, I gotta lay in it/God blessed me with this gift, I can't play with it/All these crabs in the bucket wanna pull me down/Keep it real nigga that's why I don't come around/She ain't want me back then but she want me now/Cause she think I got them mils in my bank account/But I'm still on my grind baby I ain't rich/All you gold digging hoes out here ain't shit/Niggas didn't know me then say they know me now/To keep it real nigga that's why I don't come around," Deniro raps.

"Mankind" appears on Denior's Red Book Vol. 1, which dropped back in December. The six track project can be streamed here for free.

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