Deniro Farrar is back with a trippy visual. This one's for "Rollin," a lowkey cut featuring Trent the Hooligan. XXL has the exclusive premiere.

Featuring grainy footage that looks like it was shot with a camcorder and bits of virtual effects that look like something from a 1980s game console, the aesthetic carries with it a feeling of surreality. For their part, Farrar and Trent kick it with the homies. The song itself, with an understated, atmospheric instrumental and Farrar's lower pitched voice, aligns perfectly with the dark ambiance of the visual, which was directed by Farrar and Rico James.

"The hook transforms the way I feel, it makes me daydream," James says of his inspiration for the distorted new video. "So I searched for that feeling. People are entertained by music videos so I thought to mesmerize the viewer with good pacing."

Farrar's new visual arrives just a short while after he completed his headlining European tour, which he says was a dope experience.

"[The tour was] amazing, the people showed love in every city from all walks of life," Farrar tells XXL. "Music is a universal language and I realize that more and more with every trip across the world. Poland was probably my favorite show though—the energy that night was incredible I can't wait to go back."

Ever the move-maker, Farrar, who hails from North Carolina, also puts in work when it comes to aligning himself with new talent. Recently, he signed Trent the Hooligan to his CultRap record label.

"I met Trent last year when I was shooting a video in North Carolina," reveals the Red Book Vol. 1 artist, who says we can expect "greatness" from his next project. "He spit a freestyle for me and I was like damn this kid is nice," he adds. "My DJ was with me and was saying we should record a track - so that night we went to the studio and recorded 'Fuck It.' We rocked with the vibe so heavy we went and shot the video for it that same night. Fast forward six months later he's now officially apart of the CultRap Family and the first artist i've signed to the label. He's going to be a problem look out for new content from him soon."

With a dynamic new artist in the fold and his Sacrificed EP set to drop this July, Farrar is up to some big things. All you can do is salute.

Peep Farrar's new video for "Rollin" below. Check out his video for "Where I Come From" when you're done.

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