Deniro Farrar is staying consistent with dropping heat and visuals to coincide, and he just released the new music video to accompany his "Where I Come From" anthem. The North Carolina rapper shows off his crew of riders as they cruise through their Charlotte streets on ATV's, similar to what Meek Mill tends to display with his Philly crew.

As the track plays out, Farrar takes us on a journey through his Charlotte home town, where we also see flashes of his childhood photos with family through the gritty visuals. While we see glimpses of the city itself, the video ends up with the MC performing on top of a roof as well as inside of a small home, where he's backed by a deep squad that consists of fans and crew members. The last shot of the video shows the words "Free Tune," which pays homage to his younger brother who is currently locked up.

"Where I Come From" is straight off of Farrar's latest project release Red Bood Vol. 1which has given a series of anthems. We know the rapper is only going to cook up more ammo, and hopefully we get more visual content to go with it soon.

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