Deniro Farrar dropped his Red Book Vol. 1 EP last week, and follows it up with a video for its second track, "Going Down." Directed by James Rico, the video has Farrar showing up to a Los Angeles mansion to work on the pool, but when he discovers that the clients have left their house vacant, the rapper makes himself at home, lounging outside and relaxing with a model.

The new EP spans six tracks without any features, Farrar telling XXL that it's the first in a series based on the literature of the Black Panthers and inspired by the current times we’re living in. "My inspiration for my Red Book EP was the current state of the world and our people,” he said. “I feel we are lacking a lot of the fundamental tools we need in order to revolutionize. I just want to liberate the minds of the people so that we can come together as one and rise up against the crooked government, all evil and oppression.”

As for what Farrar has in store for the new year, the rapper says he will continue to move on the path he’s started. “My next move going into 2017 is to continue to align with the God in me and create the music that’s in my soul to make,” he says. “With that being said, more music, videos, shows and staying active in the community.”

Expect more visuals from the EP on the way, “Mankind” expected to be the next out.

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