Teyana Taylor continues to savage Jeremih in the aftermath of alleged mistreatment on their once-joint tour, from which the "Oui" singer was recently removed. During a performance on Sunday (Aug. 19) in Chicago, Taylor brought on stage Rachel Leigh, the mother of Jeremih's son, and serenaded her.

The moment was captured on Instagram Live by a friend of Leigh's in attendance. In the clip, Taylor performs her song "3Way" while standing over Leigh, who is seated and surrounded by three backup dancers. Taylor also was photographed with Leigh, a recurring cast member on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, in a hallway after the show.

The stunt follows a dramatic week for the tour, which until Aug. 16 featured Jeremih as its headliner. He was reportedly removed from remaining dates and the tour was renamed after Taylor wrote in a series of tweets that she felt "extremely mistreated." She also called Jeremih a "lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving selfish, lame ass nigga" who "act[s] like a DIVA in [his] princess chair."

Jeremih addressed the situation in a statement Friday (Aug. 17) on Twitter. He expressed anger over Taylor's comments, but wished her the best as she completes what was formerly his tour without him.

"While I am extremely pissed about the disrespectful comments & name calling that has been made, I hold no resentment or vengeance in my heart," Jeremih wrote. "I am more disappointed for OUR fans.. nonetheless I must move forward but I wish Teyana & Dani nothing but the best."

He also posted a video on Instagram, shortly after Taylor announced his removal, featuring Lil Duval singing the song "Smile Bitch." The caption read, "#KTSE," the title of Taylor's June album, executive produced by Kanye West.

Taylor topped that shade on Sunday at the Vic Theatre. Watch her sing "3Way" to Rachel Leigh and view their after-show photo together below. Scope the tour's current schedule here.


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