Look out world, a collaboration from Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty is coming your way. Recently, Grizzley used his Twitter account to upload a video of himself and Yachty putting together some heat in the studio. In the brief clip, we can hear bits and pieces of the song, beginning with a verse from Grizzley.

"Take the rollies out/Say you winning one more time I'm pulling trophies out," Grizzley raps in the clip. "Niggas know we out/No Shaqs, all Kobe's out/In other words I'm with all shorts that will blow you out."

Next up is Yachty, who pulls out his more in-your-face-confident self for the track. "From the D to the A put respect on it/Got your hoe on my dick, I put her mouth on it," he says just before the clip cuts out.

In the tweet attached to the video, Grizzley says, "To all the fans that's ready for me and @lilyachty to light shit up Y'all gone love this We got y'all." We didn't hear too much of the track, but it sounds like he's right.

In another video, we see Yachty and Grizzley vibing out to another track they've been working on together, and it sounds a bit less aggressive. You can check out both previews for yourself in the videos below.

In other Lil Yachty news, the Lil Boat rapper discussed the sound of his debut album in a recent interview. “[Teenage Emotions] kind of got an ’80s, ’90s vibe on some of the tracks,” Yachty says of his new album.

He continues, “It’s called Teenage Emotions so it caters to a teenager’s everyday lifestyle: heartbreak, happiness, that vibe of when you’re waking up in the morning, getting dressed and want to dance. It’s not just bars or straight mumble rap, it goes down different lanes. I be rapping real hard on this one, I be pop singing on this, and I be talking about being lost in love on this one, then back to ‘fuck you, suck my dick!'”

Yachty also has a brand of Rap Snacks coming out very soon, just in case you thought all he was doing was fashion and rap.

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