Days after dropping their new single, "What Yo City Like?" Tee Grizzley and Lil Durk have shared the cover art for their Bloodas mixtapet. It's pretty high on the menacing scale.

The new cover features a ferocious-looking grizzly bear and a vulture that looks a little sinister. Obviously, Tee's rap name is a reference to grizzly bears, and Durk dropped a joint project called Supa Vultures with Lil Reese a few months ago. Based on the one single they've released so far, the cover is definitely on-brand.

"What Yo City Like?" is basically a grimier version of Tee Grizzley's Lil Yachty-assisted track, "From the D to the A," featuring a more ominous instrumental and vicious lyrics about street life. There's no Lil Boat to brighten this one up.

"My city had changed the culture/I be with vultures/I can be with you for days, and I'll be the nigga that poke you/What your city like?" spits Durk, who hails from Chicago. In the next part of the track, Tee answers his question.

"My city the home of Meech, home of the riots/My city violent, niggas'll tell you they love you/But really they don't even like you," spits Tee in the back and forth. If you didn't know, he's from Detroit.

We'll get a more detailed glimpse of Tee Grizzley and Durk's respective neighborhoods when Bloodas drops on Friday (Dec. 8).

Peep the full Bloodas cover for yourself below.

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