On Monday (June 12), Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley appeared on DJ Self's radio show to discuss his upcoming album and how life has been for him since getting out of prison on Oct. 18, 2016. "I'm still just happy to have my freedom," he admitted when asked about the music. Seconds later, he busts out into an a cappella freestyle, using only his hands to provide a light beat.

During his rap, he goes on to tell a story about his friend P in the penitentiary who got caught up and was sentenced to 47 years. "I feel your pain, my nigga, that shit crushed my soul," he spit before discussing several other men's struggles with the legal system.

This isn't the first time Tee has blessed the mic with a cappella bars. Back in May, he visited the L.A. Leakers and murdered his freestyle to the approval of everyone in attendance. In April, the 300 Entertainment signee spoke to XXL about his sound and what his fans should expect from future projects.

“I want to lock in a certain group of people, because right now it’s kinda all over the place, You got the party people, you got the artists. I want to lock in people who like real music, who like substance in their music, who wanna listen to people with something to talk about," Tee stated. "I want to lock them people in so I can forever give them what they’re looking for. Because I don’t want to disappoint nobody, even though I want everyone to vibe, I don’t want to disappoint you and have you think this was some bullshit that you’re used to. I don’t want to confuse nobody. If somebody likes mumble rap or Auto-Tune rap, this ain’t that."

Two months after releasing his successful debut mixtape My Moment, Tee Grizzley revealed he is currently working on his first album, Activated, which, more than likely, will have no features. The man's definitely been busier than most.

DJ Self, who'd just congratulated him on Tee's 200 million streams, was blown away by his performance on his show, classifying Tee Grizzley's freestyle as "real rap." Judge for yourself below.

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