Tech N9ne stopped to speak with Montreality during a recent tour stop in Canada, and—as many of his peers have been in the past ten days since it dropped—was asked for his response to Kendrick Lamar's massive "Control" verse.

"My reaction was, 'Yeah! Wake these motherfuckers up!'" he said in the video. "Everybody's so lazy, man. My bars are always raised, on every album...[I'm] always pushing my peers to go harder when they do a song with me. So for Kendrick to take it a step further, say names and shit, it's really waking niggas up. And if anybody got a problem with my lil homie, I got his back."

Tech also spoke on his upcoming rock project, Therapy, which comes out November 5. The seven-song EP is nearly complete, with one more song left to record, after which he'll start work on his next album Special Effects. "[Special Effects] is gonna have to be some Terminator shit, we'll see," he said.

Check out the full interview above.