The Bennett family is growing larger now that Taylor Bennett is expecting a child.

In a recent interview with XXL, the Chicago rapper spoke about all of the blessings coming his way, including the birth of a child. "I'm finna have a son, I'm doing [Good Morning America]," Bennett said. "All these things [are] really happening for me at this time in my life."

Whenever Taylor's son is born, he won't be the only child in the Bennett family. The Windy City rhymer's older brother, Chance The Rapper, also has a child—daughter Kensli Bennett. "I'm excited, and you know the fact that I'ma have a little boy and Chance has a little girl, I'm excited for that too," he said during an appearance on Sway in the Morning.

In related news, Bennett recently released his Be Yourself EP in July. The six-track project, which serves as a follow-up to his sophomore EP, Restoration of an American Idol, includes guest appearances from Young Thug, Supa Bwe, ZXXK and Bianca Shaw.

Shaw is signed to Bennett's new Tay Bennett Entertainment label. Launched in October, the rapper is trying to stay away from being mislead by labels. "What record labels do is they say, 'When you sign to us you don't have to worry about anything else,'" he said.

"But a lot of artists don't know their advances are recoupments," Bennett continued. "Nobody gets paid a large sum of money and never has to pay it back. You pay it back through your record sales, your touring, your merchandise, features, agency deals, etc. Before you look up you've spent all this money."

The rapper's latest EP was released through his new independent label.

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