For the past few years, Taylor Bennett, brother of Grammy-winning rapper Chance The Rapper, has been pushing his Be Yourself campaign, which encourages people to love who they are and to never conform to outside pressures.

"It's just about empowering people to [feel that] it's OK to be different," says the 23-year-old rapper, who's part of the Swisher Sweets Artist Project Class of 2019. "I think that very often artists [and people in general] we find ourselves in situations where the general opinion weighs so much pressure on us that we feel like we have to be someone else and I think that's one of the biggest problems with the world."

This is why Taylor, who came out as bisexual in 2017, continues to advocate for self-love and awareness in his music.

"With my music, I've always wanted to bring people together," he states. "So, you know, I wanted to stand on something that, you know, I'm very strong about, which is being a member of the LGBTQ community. I'm openly bisexual, I'm African-American. I've experienced and, you know, kind've been in some situations and walked in different shoes that I think a lot of people want insight on and people might not have a platform to speak on."

The Chicago MC, who cites Kendrick Lamar and Twista as his major music influences, showcases his lyrical skills on his second EP, The American Reject, which he released via his independent label Tay Bennet Entertainment in May. The eight-song collection boasts guest appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Bianca Shaw, Mr. Hudson, Chance The Rapper and more.

When asked what sets himself and his brother Chance apart as artists, Taylor believes it's how they choose to express themselves creatively.

"From a music standpoint, I think me and Chance are pretty similar artists," he explains. "I think we share a lot of the same views because one, we are family, but then two, we were both raised the same way. I think something that's definitely different is Chance's music is a little bit more on the artsy side. My music is a little bit more of the MC, critical thought, conscious-kind-of vibes to it. And a little bit more rock and roll."

Watch Taylor Bennett discuss his ties to the LGBTQ community and the similarities he shares with his brother Chance The Rapper in Swisher Sweets' Sealed With Freshness interview below.

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