Talib Kweli is a calm dude. Rarely do you ever see him get upset or get in a verbal exchange with anybody. That all changed today when Talib squared off with CNN's Don Lemon regarding the poor media coverage taking place in Ferguson.

A couple days ago, Talib Kweli explained why he decided to go to Ferguson. He blamed the media for their ineptness in covering the events revolving around Michael Brown's death, which infuriated him. So, he finally got the chance to speak with Don Lemon. Let's just say, Talib didn't waste any time explaining his annoyance with the media.

"I feel like it was important for me to be here and control the narrative, because the media has been doing a horrible job of making sure the stories get out,"said Talib.

Then, Talib got even more mad explaining how Don Lemon didn't show him the proper respect he deserved, and faulted him for failing to pronounce his name correctly. Check out the video above.