DJ Khaled, lay down your handkerchief; if anyone was ever suffering from success, it was T-Pain. Last month, when Larry King asked the one-time star if he had ever recorded a song he didn't like, simply because he knew it would be a hit. T-Pain's reply was simple: "Of course--that's why I have so many cars."

Despite the unending list of hits to his name, the rapper-turned-singer turned recluse, falling off the face of the Earth after his 2011 album Revolver failed to crack the top 25 at Billboard. Only last fall did he return to the public eye, with a stunning, sans-Auto-tune live performance at NPR.

As he gears up for his new solo album, Stoicville, T-Pain today teased his new Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Iron Way. He dropped a promotional cover, featuring he and DJ Drama posing rather, well, stoically.