A T.I. and Dr. Dre collaboration?

It’s certainly possible after the two recently hung out in the studio. But T.I. says the meeting was more about creating chemistry than anything else.

"Of course we can get together, he got hot beats and I got dope rhymes, so we can always get together and make music," Tip told MTV News. "But for people to feel what we're sayin' and for it to sound like a party comin' through your speakers, you gonna have to create some chemistry. So that's what we spent more time doing than anything else, developing that chemistry."

Hearing that, of course fans will look forward to hearing a Dre-produced track on T.I.’s upcoming mixtape, Fuck da City Up, which drops New Year’s Day or his next album, Trouble Man, although it's unclear whether such collabo would appear on either.

If either does happen, though, it will mark the first time the two have collaborated since Dre crafted “Topless,” a leaked song from a few years back that Tip spit on that was rumored to be part of Dre’s highly-anticipated Detox album. —Jakinder Singh