Wanting to snap a picture of your favorite artist is a common thing for many fans, but throwing your phone at the artist isn't the way to go about it. During Rae Sremmurd's opening set for Wiz Khalifa in Dallas on Sunday night (Aug. 26), Swae Lee was hit in the face when one fan threw their mobile device at him.

While performing "Powerglide," the Rae Sremmurd member was hit in the face by a cellphone, which left his lip bloodied and swollen. "My lip is fucked up this dumb ass girl through (sic) her phone on stage like a baseball," Swae Lee tweeted. "Y'all gotta have more common sense than that my shit is fucked might miss a few days of tour."

It appears the rapper knows who threw the phone as well because he found an ID with the phone. After stopping the song, Swae attempted to read the person's information aloud and claimed he was going to sue but was stopped by someone on his team. Brother Slim Jxmmi also tried to physically restrain Swae from saying too much.

Following the concert, Swae Lee hopped on Instagram to give a closer look at his injuries, which clearly shows a busted lip. "I ain't never thought I would have to sue a fan... I'm suing. I'm suing. My million dollar face, bro. I'm suing," he said.

In another video, Swae revealed he was at the hospital and continued to question why a fan would throw a phone on stage. "Why the fuck would you throw a phone on stage like a baseball," he said. "Got me lookin' like I got a cleft lip right now."

Following his trip to the hospital, the Swaecation rapper eventually revealed that he received stitches on his lip and it wouldn't stop him from partying. "Stitches are in! I'm a rockstar I'm still going up in DALLAS TONIGHT!!" Swae added.

Check out footage of the incident and Swae Lee's posts below.

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