The vehicle iconic rapper The Notorious B.I.G. took his last ride in is up for sale.

The owners of the green 1997 GMC Suburban have linked up with popular internet auction house Moments in Time to sell the SUV.

According to the sellers, they purchased the truck seven months after Big's death in Los Angeles in March 1997 from a broker. The ride has been refurbished, and it wasn't until eight years later that they learned exactly what they had been pushing, after they were contacted by LAPD detectives about using the truck as evidence.

"We have kept the car now for 20 years and finally decided it was time to sell it," the owners wrote in a letter to Moments In Time. The Suburban is still in running condition and reportedly only has 114,000 miles on it. "I have requested the LAPD return the original bullet-riddled door upon closure of the case," they added. The asking price for the legendary ride is $1.5 million.

News of Biggie's ride being on the market comes only a week after the vehicle Tupac was shot in was reported as being on the auction block.

'Pac was shot in Las Vegas in 1996 while sitting in the passenger seat of a BMW 750IL driven by Suge Knight. The vehicle was impounded following the rapper's death and has changed hands a few times. Moments In Time also has the rights to the sale and is trying to move the whip for $1.5 million as well.

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