Chief Keef tried to pull off a surprise concert in Hammond, Ind., last night, but was shut down by the cops just as things were getting started. The Chicago rapper was making his third attempt at performing as a hologram for fans, this time at Craze Fest, but ultimately got the same result, according to TMZ. He did at least get to perform part of a song this time, before authorities pulled the plug. Fans were later told to leave the venue.

Sosa have been trying to hold a concert for the past two weeks, to no avail. The "Don't Like" rapper pledged to do a benefit show following the death of Marvin "Capo" Carr, a Glo Gang affiliate who was shot and killed in Chicago two weeks ago. Proceeds were to go to the family of Dillan Harris, a one year old boy who was struck and killed by the alleged shooter as he fled the scene.

But the proposed show has been met with compilations and resistance. For one, Keef is in California and refuses to return to Chicago for fear he will be arrested on outstanding warrants. That setback could have been handled because he planned to perform in hologram form beamed in from his Beverly Hill locale. However, his first attempt was cancelled by the venue, amid opposition. A second attempt was in the works, but Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel banned the proposed show, calling Keef’s music “a significant public safety risk.”

Chief Keef and the organizers were apparently hoping three-times would be a charm after changing states, but they were wrong.