$uicideboy$ are working tirelessly on new music, and while fans have been flooded with new sounds on their previously released EPs from earlier this year, they're about to give us five more. The New Orleans hip-hop duo will be dropping five new EPs for their Kill Yourself series, which will be parts 16-20, on Sept. 11.

The rap group, which is comprised of Ruby Da Cherry and $lick Sloth, dropped parts 11-15 of their Kill Yourself collection back in late May. Their next series is expected to contain the same, but we'll see if they add in any surprises.

Back in April, XXL spoke with the unsigned duo, who revealed their goals in hip-hop and music culture, discussing some of the comparisons made about the group.

“Not saying we’re the best artists of all-time already but we feel like music lost its balls," Ruby explained. "You think about The Doors, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Public Enemy, N.W.A, there’s nobody pushing the boundaries anymore. There are nobody standing up for anything anymore. It’s all, ‘I got a diamond chain and I fuck your bitch.’ That’s fucked up. Why don’t we say some shit that will better the world instead of fight each other over materialistic bullshit?”

See the $uicideboy$' announcement of their five EPs in the tweet below.

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