When's the last time you listened to "Regulate"? We only ask because it's August, and if you've made it this deep into summer without hooking lefts on 21 and Lewis, you've done something terribly, terribly wrong. Plus, now, the canon's been expanded. Today (August 6), Warren G drops a five-track EP, Regulate... G Funk Era Part II. Unnerving as it is to hear the Reverend talk about Instagram and Twitter on the intro, the sequel to the 1994 classic is as star-studded as you could possibly hope, with Too $hort, Jeezy, Bun B and E-40 making appearances.  What's more: all four proper songs feature posthumous contributions from Nate Dogg. The tape is predictably smooth--remember, this is the guy who picked the samples for The Chronic.

"Saturday" is an inversion on the summer party song; it's tailored for the early-morning hours, when you wake up without an alarm, "hit the car wash and the barber shop," and start scouting for the best event later on. (The song also makes you wonder what Too $hort has for breakfast on the weekend, which is a discussion everyone should have with their truer, inner self.) On "Keep On Hustlin'," Jeezy name-drops everyone from Suge to Puff to Biggie and Boosie. All told, the G Funk Era sequel is a worthy, if minor successor. The last two songs belong to Warren and Nate, and they slink and warp themselves into paranoid nooks and crannies. There's still no better pair to take you on a real-time journey.

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