Late last night (Nov. 16), the New York rapper Junglepussy uploaded her new album, Pregnant With Success, to Soundcloud. The 10-track set ends with the stunning "Dear Diary," which has been kicking around mix shows for a few weeks now. "Pregnant With Success is an ode to my mother," the MC writes in the album's description. "To all mothers, to anyone who's ever planted a seed, to anyone who's ever created something, to anyone who's ever waited patiently for something to come into fruition." Stream the record, produced largely by her longtime collaborator Shy Guy, in its entirety above.

Junglepussy rose to prominence last year when the video for her single, "Nah," took the Internet by storm. Unabashedly influenced by Cam'ron and the rest of the Diplomats ("Nah" makes reference to "Killa Cam" from Purple Haze), the Gotham native raps pointedly about Whole Foods and eel choices. "People don’t know that I’m really in tune with nature," she previously told XXL. I’m not always in the jungle sometimes. I’m by a nice river. Just peaceful. I like to eat well and be clean. I’m obsessed with washing my hands and not touching doorknobs. Like I stall a little bit so that the person in front of me can open the door first." This LP comes after "You Don't Know," the brash summer hit that recast Junglepussy as the world's healthiest drill artist.