If you're a member of hip-hop's Reddit community, Sticky Fingaz needs your help. On Friday morning (April 6), the Onyx member used his Reddit account to ask members of the Hip-Hop Heads sub-reddit to help him locate William "The Mayor" Pittman, a Queens-based record store owner who might just be in possession of some rare/unreleased Onyx songs.

"What's poppin' y'all??" Sticky begins in a post. "I didn't do a good job on archiving our unused or early versions of songs. Jam Master Jay (RIP) had a ton of them on DATs. I found out from an MTV news article from 2007 that a Queens record store owner by the name of William "The Mayor" Pittman bought Jay's studio and has everything inside."

Sticky goes on to say that it was an MTV news story that told him Pittman copped the store. The thing is, it's been a long, long time since Pittman copped the store belonging to Jam Master Jay.

In what was perhaps an attempt to make Redditors eager to help hilm find Pittman and his long-lost cutting room floor gems, Sticky cited some examples of rare Onyx tracks he's shared in the past. One of them is an unreleased Notorious B.I.G. collab called "Flip Dat Shit." There's also a four-minute version of "Punk motherfukaz," a track Sticky says was cut down to just a one-minute skit on Onyx's All We Got Iz Us album.

When he wasn't linking fans to rare Onyx material, he was pretty much serving up an impromptu AMA session. Fans were definitely happy they logged onto Reddit on this particular day, as Sticky unloaded bits and pieces of rarely heard about stories.

One fan asked Sticky about which artist he wishes he could have collabed with. Sticky, in turn, responded with a funny anecdote about Ol' Dirty Bastard.

"Thank you my dude! Nice flair!" Sticky began in his response. "One artist I wish I had worked with. Funny story about ODB. I was going to rush the Grammys in 1998. I snuck in with my brother X1 and we saw ODB in the bathroom. I told ODB about my idea to rush the stage and that he should join us (we were gonna interrupt the stage and tell everyone Shut Em Down would be in stores soon). Anyway I was sidetracked talking to some chick and ODB runs up on stage and does it! Anyway I thought you'd appreciate that. One!"

Getting back to Sticky's attempts to locate Pittman—it looks like he might have succeeded. Within just a few hours, some of Sticky's fellow Reddit users were able to help find Pittman's official Facebook page.

"Yo! Thank you so much! I looked on FB for like 2 fucking hours!" Sticky responded to one redditor who found the record store owner. "What magic did you do to find him? Like what exactly did you type into Facebook search to get him and not a million other Will Pttmans??"

From there, Sticky promised to share with fans any of the music he'll potentially recover, presumably after contacting Pittman. Salute to them.

Be on the lookout for some previously unreleased Onyx. In the meantime, check out the duo's "Black Rock" video.

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