Stefflon Don is on the path to fame comparable to Nicki Minaj. The curvy rapper has the bars to win over true hip-hop fans and her voice, oftentimes in an island patois, will also garner a support from people around the world. Now Stefflon Don is keeping the conversation in her favor with her new video for "Envy Us" featuring Abra Cadabra.

The visual, directed by Stefflon, herself, with Luke Biggins, opens with Abra Cadabra spitting his verse and hook in the club. The camera then switches to Stefflon who takes her sweet time to get to the club, rocking more than one outfit on the way. Even though she's presented as a boss, independent chick, the video culminates when Stefflon and Abra are both in the club together, trading their lyrics on the last verse. There are plenty of glory shots of nice cars and slow-motion twerking as well.

"Envy Us" comes off of Stefflon Don's Real Ting mixtape. The song sounds like it could have huge radio potential this summer with the "ride or die chick" theme, similar to Jay Z's "Bonnie & Clyde," and Caribbean-inspired melodies.

If you're not familiar with Stefflon Don's movement, check her out in our list of 10 U.K. rappers that you should know and in The Break.

Watch the video for "Envy Us" below.

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