On Saturday (Nov. 17), YG performed at Canberra, Australia's Spilt Milk Festival and during his set, he sparked some controversy when he asked that women flash their breasts as he performed. After several women accused the rapper of sexism and bashed festival organizers for allowing him to make the comments, the festival organizers have stepped forth to issue an apology.

"The comments made by YG on stage were not OK. When this behavior goes unchallenged, we are part of the problem, not the solution," the statement reads. "We apologize that our stage was used in this manner and for not becoming aware sooner. YG's comments in no way reflect the values of Spilt Milk and contradict our goals of a safe and inclusive space for all attendees."

According to The Canberra Times, the Stay Dangerous rapper was performing he asked for women in the audience to flash their breasts. "I don't leave any of my shows without seeing some titties. Everyone get your titties out," YG reportedly said.

When women did flash the rapper, YG, who cursed out a 6ix9ine fan who approached him during his trip to Australia, reportedly criticized the women's breasts. "What is that? Those are mosquito bites," he told the record.

After YG's set, festival-goers described their disappointment with his performance. "I am embarrassed that I had to watch this happen, not to mention how so many other people felt having to experience that. The worst set I have seen in my life," said one Spilt Milk Festival attendee. "The worst excuse for a performance, and a downright catastrophic excuse for a human. Honestly, no words for that set," expressed another.

XXL has reached out to YG's team for comment.

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