Spice 1 does not like rappers wearing dresses and tight pants. The West Coast legend expressed his distaste for this fashion trend in an interview with Vlad TV.

"You got these fools wearing dresses and fucking finger nail polish and shit. I ain't feeling that shit," Spice 1 said. "Them type of motherfuckers, I'm not feeling. They need their own little style. They need to move their shit over there and call it something else. I'm not tryna be involved in that shit."

The "Murda Show" rapper said he hopes that rappers will change their ways. Spice felt the fashion made them look gay, though he claimed he was not bashing anyone who is gay.

"Hopefully motherfuckers wake up and keep it real, keep it G, you know, quit dancing like bitches and whatever the fuck they be doing," he continued. "Niggas twerking and shit, fucking gay ass shit. I don't like that shit. I ain't no motherfucking gay bashing ass nigga or nothing, but y'all motherfuckers looking funny doing that shit."

Spice was particularly bothered by rappers who wear dresses. He mocked the notion that it was similar to Irish men wearing kilt.

"Quit wearing them tight ass pants and painting your fingernails and wearing dresses. Cause that shit is not gangster," Spice 1 said. "That's why we had to give y'all an album called Thug Therapy cause you motherfuckers need some therapy. What kind of motherfucker does that? Who the fuck wears dresses? I don't care what the fuck you think it is. Like, "Oh, they used to wear this. This is a kilt.' I don't give a fuck, nigga. You not in Ireland. You in America, motherfucker."

Although rappers like Young Thug and Lil B are seen as outlandish for wearing dresses, they are far from the first MCs to don women's clothing. Celebrated legends like André 3000 and CeeLo Green have also donned wardrobe with a feminine influence.

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