Update (Feb. 4, 11:45 p.m. EST):

Turns out SGP was just trolling, according to an associate of his:

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SpaceGhostPurrp was at one point one of the hottest things in rap, coming up with A$AP Rocky at a pivotal time for the Harlem rapper. But now the Miami rapper has apparently fallen on extremely hard times, revealing on Friday (Feb. 3) that he has no home.

The rapper broke the news to fans on Twitter, stating bluntly, "Hey haters im homeless as fuck ... are you happy ? im happy for you and i still love you .. have a good day."

Without giving any further details about what specifically led to his situation, he continued, "I'm one of the first homeless artist .. and will take this pain each second."

Things seem to have gotten really bad for the rapper, who wrote, "Watching my girl cry in front of me cause were homless makin die inside . nothin hurts me more than to see her cry too."

After recounting a laundry list of his self-professed failures and empathy for the people living without shelter he offered, "One more thing . never give up on love. it isnt easy .. me and my girl are homeless .. but its okay its pain and thats what it is .. Bless."

Last year, he squashed his beef with Denzel Curry after the two had exchanged diss songs earlier in 2016. He also released an ode to the late A$AP Yams with A$AP Rocky titled "R.I.P. Yams."

Hopefully he manages to get back on his feet. Just last month, he dropped a six-song project called Winter's Mine 4 on his SoundCloud.

Read the rest of what Purrp had to say in the gallery above.

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