SpaceGhostPurrp has some issues with Tory Lanez's new album. Last Thursday (Nov. 14), the Miami rapper uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which he threatens to shoot Tory because he thinks his new album, Chixtape 5, is apparently about the woman Purrp is dating.

In the clip, SpaceGhostPurrp is waving a gun and taunting Tory. “I got your girl, bruh,” he said. “She with a real nigga. You over here making love songs about her. She’s over here kicking it with me. You gotta get your mind, right.”

Later, SpaceGhostPurrp threatens to shoot him. “You so much of a bitch I'll shoot you in your leg...and have you walk around with one leg,” he says.

In the middle of his rant, SpaceGhostPurrp does congratulate Tory on his new project, but still feels the Toronto rapper's lovey-dovey project isn't worth a listen. He also slammed Tory for collaborating with T-Pain on “Jerry Sprunger.” In the same breath, he also dissed T-Pain by calling him a “fat koala-ass nigga.”

SpaceGhostPurrp wraps up the video by poking fun at Tory's hairline and his style choices before expressing his disappointment in Chixtape 5 once again. "You took a big L tonight," he said.

It's unclear if SpaceGhostPurrp is joking or not and Tory Lanez has not responded to the video as of yet.

You can watch the entire rant below.

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