Sonny Digital isn’t here for lecturing young rappers on music history. That's something Lil Xan, who infamously called Tupac Shakur's music "boring" in February, has gotten in spades over the past month.

For his part, Sonny, who collaborated with Xan for his single "I Got" a couple months ago, isn't about to judge Xan or any other youngin' who's averse to music from the 1990s. After all, it was before their time.

"Lil Xan, I'm not sure how old he is, but I know he's young," Sonny tells XXL. "A lot of these young kids, you can't hold them for not knowing Tupac and stuff. That's not what they grew up listening to. The same people that's bashing them for not knowing Tupac, you can kinda bash them for not knowing all the hits from when they parents was alive."

He continues, "I just don't hold it against him, though... that's not they era." Besides that, Sonny doesn't believe Xan's admitted indifference to 'Pac's discography means the end of the world. "If you like it, you like it. If you don't, you don't," Sonny says. "Life gon' keep on going on."

While some rap subgenres are put on a pedestal, Sonny doesn't believe any rap categories are worth knowing more about than others. "If you wanted to really flip it on people—if that's the case, you should know everything about hip-hop," he adds. "All the people that's going hard about that, you can't just be all-knowing about that one specific part."

Sonny seems to want people to expand their horizons, which is something he's been doing as he's stepped from behind the boards and into the recording booth more often over the last couple of years. Throughout the early part of 2018, the rapper has unleashed new tracks earmarked for his Woke You Up EP.

He's still doing his thing on the production, too. One of Sonny's more anticipated drops is Jimmy Digital, a joint project with Pittsburgh rapper Jimmy Wopo. According to Sonny, the joint effort has—at least on his end—been completed for a while, but Wopo's jail time last summer and the two artists' search for features have stalled the release.

"I want to put it out there," Sonny says. "I don't like to hold onto music. I'd rather it just be out there. Hopefully it drops soon though."

There's no release date for Jimmy Digital, and Sonny's more interested in putting out singles at this point than any one project. "I'm raising my son right now, and trying to make some fire music," he says.

Be on the lookout for more new music from Jimmy Digital. For now, check out his video for "Keep It Real."

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