Snow Tha Product is preparing for the release of a new project called Halfway There... Part 1. With that effort on the way, the San Jose rapper decided to drop a music video for the lead single "Nights" featuring W. Darling.

The video shows Snow Tha Product maneuvering through the night as she and her crew make a jack move at the end. The song itself has some more pop vibes than usual as Snow may have a potential hit on her hands.

"What's a little liquor to a cold heart/What's a little pill but a little numb I'm feeling now/It can never end if it don't start/You can never do it all, if you ain't never willing to/Hold up I think my phone vibrating/Slow up I think the whole world hating/Came up and now the whole view changing/I've been up on game, I've just been waiting/What's a little change to a pocket full/What's a little party when the work already done/You got that drink up in your system and it's audible/Words are getting slurred and now your vision kinda tripping/If it's vibes you want then it's vibes you get/What you want, baby I'll do that/Glad you chose to be my new friend/What you tryna be and what's next," Snow Tha Product raps.

While Snow Tha Product's fans are surely excited for the new project, they will also have a chance to see her live on the Halfway There Tour in June. Check out the full list of dates below.

June 8 - The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, Calif.
June 10 - The Boardwalk - Orangeville, Calif.
June 12 - Wow Hall - Eugene, Ore.
June 14 - Nectar Lounge - Seattle, Wash.
June 15 - Wonder Ballroom - Portland, Ore.
June 17 - The Complex - Salt Lake City, Utah
June 18 - Mesa Theater - Grand Junction, Colo.
June 19 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, Colo.
June 20 - Aggie Theatre - Fort Collins, Colo.
June 21 – Skylight - Santa Fe, N.M.
June 22 - Club Red - Mesa, Ariz.
June 23 - Flagstaff's Green Room - Flagstaff, Ariz.
June 25 - The Observatory - Santa Ana, Calif.

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