Since rapping his way onto the A$AP Mob's radar, 15-year-old Smooky MarGielaa is on the road to success. He just dropped his video for his buzzing single "Vlone Flex," showing how far he's come in his career as he flexes all over a beautiful mansion with his friends.

Smooky shows off his new chain and luxury car in the Marko Visuals-directed video. He does all of the things your mom would scold you for; sitting on the banister, running around the house, you name it. He has fun with his friends, as they are happy to be removed from their rough past.

While life is sweet for Smooky now, that wasn't always the case. "Grew up from the bottom, now I'm tryna reach the top/Pockets used to be a low now I'm gettin' all this guap," he admits, with a little sadness in his voice. He also just wants his friends to be freed from jail as he croons, "Writin' letters to my Gods free my niggas off the rock/Happy for the ones that's here 'cause that's all I really got."

Last year, Smooky caught up with XXL to share some info about his career, including the process of working on music with A$AP Mob. "It was crazy making Cozy [Tapes], Vol. 2, we were working hard that whole week," the young artist explained. "We were just in the studio laying down verses, four songs a day. What separates me [from my peers] is that I’m young, and I’m doing it better than a lot of people out here."

Watch Smooky MarGielaa's "Vlone Flex" video below.

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