Smokepurpp and Lil Pump are very good friends, but something might be amiss in their friendship if we are to believe their Instagram stories. Then again, there's a high chance they're just trolling.

On Friday morning (Feb. 22), Smokepurpp jumped onto his Instagram story and claimed that he wrote all of Lil Pump's first songs. He even boasted that he penned “Gucci Gang,” which is the 18-year-old rapper’s biggest song to date

“Man, listen. I’m not playing with you no more, nigga. I need all my royalties, man. I need all my money, nigga,” he said. “Gucci Gang that was my song, nigga. I gave you that song. I gave you your first big hit, fuck nigga.”

Pump responded back on his IG Live telling Smokepurpp to stop playing with him before making reiterating his wild claim that he invented SoundCloud. He then added, "Stop fucking playing with me bro. I'm the first person to introduce you to fucking Ronny J, DJ Carnage and Travis Scott. Stop playing with me."

The Florida rappers could just be joking around now that Pump's album Harverd Dropout is out. Also, Smokepurpp's clips are very reminiscent of Soulja Boy's social media tirades.

Nevertheless, Smokepurpp, Pump and Gucci Mane are set to perform as the rap trio Gucci Gang at the upcoming 2019 Coachella Music and Arts Festival in April.

Check out Smokepurpp's claim that he wrote "Gucci Gang" and Lil Pump's response below.

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