Nearly three Junes after the Dallas Mavericks jacked LeBron James swagger, the King clearly has it back and then some. The latest exhibit of this is the freestyle James recorded over Jay Z's "FuckMeWithMeYouKnowIGotIt," which was recorded this past summer and appeared online today.

While the flow is sort of choppy, and while you won't mistake the lyrics with that of Jay, James' verse is far from embarrassing. The reigning MVP and Finals MVP spits about having it all, and about having worked so hard for it all that no one can possibly catch up. And while mainstream media might have argued with that a few summers ago, "Two Riiings," as James says on the freestyle, allows him to now talk as much ish as he wants.

Aside from boasting about vacations in France, houses in Florida and money around the world, James also rhymes like the team leader that he is. "Fall back before you fall out/my team eating and the rest of y'all drought," he spits early in the verse. Later, showing off some witty wordplay, James says, "What you see here is royalty/You can't beat me, you better join me/Or it's six feet underneath."

James, a.k.a No. 6 for the Miami Heat, isn't quite an No. 1 on the mic. But still, as usual, he's way better than a lot of his peers. Just check out a few other b-ball specialists turned MCs in the League.Tzvi Twersky

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