It can be hard to be a Saudi Arabian in hip-hop today, but $kinny's music hardly reflects that. The L.A. rapper was born in Jeddah, where he stumbled on a cassette with Tupac's music on it that would help set him upon the path towards becoming a rapper. These days, he's making breezy ass music like "Eight Dollar$," and in his new video above you can see he's got a pretty dope handle on his visual aesthetic too.

In the flick, two chicks donning burkas stick up a convenience store before hitching it on the road and driving into the desert. Things get steamy, but only before they get ominous. The pacing and shot selection of the video is impressive, but only more so because $kinny directed and edited the whole thing himself.

His story is fascinating. When he moved to L.A. in 2005, he was supposed to be attending school, so he'd forge report cards and send them to his father. All the while, he was trying to be a rapper, and since soliciting beats from producers wasn't going too well, he decided to learn how to produce on his own. A couple years and fortuitous relationships later, he was meeting with the former VP of A&R at Aftermath, and though no record deal materialized, a writer/producer deal with Warner Chappell did. That check gave $kinny some breathing room to work on his own music, and last year he released Ghetto Disneyland, the project that "Eight Dollar$" is from. He plans to follow that up with a new project called Flights to the Moon this April.

Still, despite the hard work and series of fortunate events, $kinny still feels heat from people back at home. He only told his father about his profession because Skinny didn't want him finding out in the newspaper, and it's not uncommon to encounter hateful comments on his YouTube videos.

"Eight Dollar$" should shut any haters up. It's a beautifully smooth song, and with a well-done video to accompany it, the track could be $kinny's road to stardom. Check out the visual above.

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