Some things can’t be avoided, according to ShooterGang Kony, who named his latest album, Second Hand Smoke. “You always gone inherit what your people got going on,” says the ShooterGang squad member. “And you gone go head first for your niggas—right or wrong.” Not long after dropping his latest project in July, the emerging Sacramento rapper—Oak Park to be exact—came through the XXL office and kicked a killer freestyle for our What I Do series.

Stunting on the competition, ShooterGang Kony raps, “I’m just a chain away from looking like a field nigga/We ain’t going away, so, how the fuck you finna deal with us/Fuck up out my way if you ain’t blue up in the face, hoe/Blew my money on Balenciaga, where my lace go.”

Earlier this summer, ShooterGang Kony added to his growing catalog—which already includes Still Kony, March Madness, Ginobili and 6:12—when he put out Second Hand Smoke. Comprised of 13 songs, including the Sada Baby-assisted “Shoot Front the Reverend,” “Off the Dribble” and “Charlie,” the project brought in over 5 million streams within the first month of its release.

The rapper, who reveals that he lost four brothers during the process of crafting his latest collection of songs, put his “blood, sweat and tears” into the album. Always down to ride out for his gang, ShooterGang Kony has appeared on tracks with Nef The Pharaoh, OMB Peezy, Yhung T.O. and his ShooterGang collective.

Watch him show out for his gang and his hometown in XXL's What I Do freestyle above.

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