Chief Keef had the crowd at Ill Roots' Caution Party lit this past Saturday (June 17). Perhaps even too lit. Apparently the audience got a little too rowdy for the security guards' liking, and they tried to stop the Chicago rapper from performing as he turned in a live rendition of "Faneto." See video of Keef's performance below.

In the video, Keef, who's coming off the release of his Thot Breaker project a couple of weeks ago, is going extra hard as he performs the aforementioned track, which belongs to his 2014 mixtape Back From the Dead 2. For their part, the crowd definitely seems into it.

In the video of the performance, we see a tightly packed crowd and one dude crowd surfing as Keef continues going in. After about 45 seconds or so, we see a man in a black suit walking to the front of the stage and make a timeout sign in Keef's direction. Keef seems pretty undeterred, and after shouting something at the 21-year-old rapper, he gives up and simply walks away.

Keef's been on the comeback trail throughout most of 2017, but it looked like he could have hit a snag after he was arrested for possession of two ounces to less than a half pound of marijuana and possession or use of drug paraphernalia in Sioux Falls, South Dakota last week. He was released on $2,000 bond last Tuesday (June 13).

In case you missed it, read our exclusive interview with Keef, his first in years.

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