Brownsville bred rapper Sean Price is a man of many aliases; "Sean P", "Kimbo Price", "Sean Mandela"... the list goes on. Even if you're not exactly sure what to call him, you can be sure of one thing: The man can rap. Whether he was "Ruck" rapping as a part of Heltah Skeltah and the Boot Camp Clik, or rapping solo, Price has spit some memorable bars over the years. Here is a compilation of some of the most killer verses from one of the game's most underrated rapper.—Marvin J.

"I Ain't Havin' That" - Heltah Skeltah featuring Starang Wondah, Redman & Doc Holiday

We'll start this list off with one of Heltah Skeltah's most memorable songs, and one of Sean Price's iconic verses. As opposed to the other verses on this list, it isn't just one line he says which makes the verse a constant repeat, it’s the way Ruck's rugged rhymestyle goes perfectly with the song. Classic.

"BBQ Sauce"- Sean Price featuring Pharoahe Monch

This song made this list for one reason and one reason only. This line: "Made your mom suck my d**k with blue cheese on my b***s." As Stephen A. Smith would say: "That's so disrespectful!"

"Radiant Jewels" - Wu-Tang Clan featuring Raekwon, Cormega, and Sean Price

With three strong verses, from three legends, on one track, it’s hard to say who came out with the upper hand. Sean John Rambo makes a pretty good case for himself on the last verse of this awesome song.

"21 & Over" - Statik Selektah featuring Sean Price and Mac Miller

Sean P hops on this Statik Selektah produced track, setting it off nicely with bars like, "Hell of a drug, Sean Price, hell of a thug / Hang with Sheen, I got elephant blood," before passing the mic to Mac Miller. It's a solid verse from him.

"Forget Me Knots" - Heltah Skeltah

On a beat that sounds like the music you would hear while you're on the way to meet your maker, Sean proceeds to deliver a verse to let his people know to never forget him. Bars like "Im constantly comin' with clever raps / We sever that / Take your head and slap em leather strap" add to menacing nature of this track.

"Blood Runs Cold" - Jedi Mind Tricks featuring Sean Price

Sean knows how to rap one way, and one way only: Raw. On this track, he joins Jedi Mind Tricks by delivering a killer verse, quite literally, with bars like: "Kidnap your baby mom's, straight earth the whore." Whoa P, tell em how you really feel.

"Chicka Woo" - Sean Price

Oh y'all didn't know P had a soft side? In this verse, he shows us that thugs have feelings too with rhymes like, "I guess it's better to have loved, and to have lost/Than to never have love at all." How sweet.

"Bully Rap" - Sean Price

Back to that raw rap. Ruck comes hard on this track. Most memorable line? "I fuck around and throw your baby organs / Use your baby organs just to make a baby organ." We know it’s all hyperbole, but damn Sean.

"Blood of the Goat" - Action Bronson featuring Sean Price

Flushing and Brownsville collide on this Alchemist produced joint, with Price making the ill Marvel reference: "Don't be mad at him pa/Unbreakable flow, adamantium bars / I am a fuckin' superhero / Top 5 dead or alive you just a stupid zero." Comic book nerds everywhere rejoice.

"P-Body" - Sean Price featuring Rock

To be honest, all three verses Sean spit on this one were dope, but the first verse gets the nod for this list because of how he set the tone. "Four eyes, two arms and three shotties / Got s**t on lock like Irv and Gene Gotti / A mean mommy from Puerto Rico who sell pedico / And for the right price princess will pop at your people."

"Laced Cheeba" - Wu-Tang Clan featuring Ghostface Killah, Sean Price, and Trife Diese

We're going to have to double dip with the Wu-Tang/Sean Price recipe because this verse from the "crack sellin’ black felon" is too dope, all while taking shots at those "lyrical miracle spiritual" rappers we love to hate on.

“Operation Lockdown” - Heltah Skeltah

Sean P is usually straight to the point with his bars, but he threw a double entendre in this verse: “Prefer to chill, but the son can't do that / Due to my temperature tempted to bring it where your crew's at," adding flair to an already dope track.

“Sean Price” - Heltah Skeltah featuring Illa Noyz

On this eponymous track, you knew that Sean P was going to come out of the gate with all guns blazing. Rapping “John Starks in the 4th quarter” (I know Knick fans wish they could go back to those glory days right about now), Sean delivers another solid 16.

“Don’t You Cross The Line” - Boot Camp Clik

Sean P sets the tone on this track, all while making his own version of a childhood classic: “Hey yo, the arm bone connected to the hand bone / N***a, the hand bone connected to the damn chrome."

"Straight Music" - Sean Price

9th Wonder production. Sean Price on the track? That's heaven if I I've ever heard it. Bars like "Kimbo Slice and a slice of Jim Kelly / Thing go pop and it enter your thin belly" make this verse absolutely divine.

BONUS: Heltah Skeltah Freestyle

This video was too dope to not put on this list. Just watch and enjoy Ruck and Rock go back and forth with bars.