Over the last several years, Atlanta's own Scotty ATL has carved out a space for himself in the heart of Atlanta's bursting hip-hop scene. Recently, he unloaded his It's Time! album, a project that only fortifies his status as one of the more respected artists in the area.

Checking in at 13 tracks, Scotty's latest project includes his previously released singles "Gucci & Keyshia" and "FDA (Fake Deep)," as well as a collaboration with the late Bankroll Fresh ("Mr. Bignutz"). On the production side of things, he tapped Organized Noize, Zaytoven and Nard & B for tracks on his energetic new LP.

Getting back to the songs, "Gucci & Keyshia" remains as fire as the day it dropped earlier this year. On the song, Gucci imagines a romance in the same vein as the one shared by Gucci Mane and his wife, Keyshia. "FDA (Fake Deep)" also goes hard.

It's Time! made its way onto the internet just about three months after his OTW EP, which served as a precursor to all the bangers you're hearing today. Here's to hoping we'll continue getting new music from Scotty.

You can stream It's Time! for yourself below.

Scotty ATL's It's Time Tracklist

2. "Pack"
3. "Yum$"
4. "Hardest One"
5. "Ratchet"
6. "Mr. Bignutz" featuring Bankroll Fresh
7. "FDA (Fake Deep)"
8. "Gucci & Keyshia"
9. "It's Time"
10. "The Come Up
11. "See Me Stressin'"
12. "Can't Please Erbody" featuring Kissie Lee
13. "Made It"

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