Financial and legal woes continue to plague multi-platinum producer Scott Storch.

The one-time go to musician for stars ranging from Beyonce to Dr. Dre owes over half-a-million dollars in back property tax and is facing child support and paternity suits in Florida.

According to the Miami Herald, a County Circuit Judge has ordered Storch to be brought into custody by “writ of bodily attachment,” meaning cops can commandeer him and hold him until he posts a bond.

Currently, that would amount to $46,000, the amount he owes in back child support to the mother of his two-year-old son; $30,000 for four months support and $16,000 for a pre-arranged college fund.

Another woman is suing Storch in a paternity lawsuit claiming the producer is the “natural father” of her 16-year-old son. Storch had voluntarily sent the woman, Vanessa Bellido, money but then stopped. The woman and her son were evicted from their home last month and have since moved into her parent’s home. A car Storch provided for the teen boy was also repossessed.

Storch made headlines with his legal troubles initially when it was reported he was selling his multi-million dollar yacht to cover bills. The producer put up the yacht for auction on eBay. Prior to that the New York Post broke a story on the producer being behind on property tax.

It seems Storch still hasn’t recovered. According to the Herald, the producer owes $294, 492.50 in property tax from 2006 and an additional $217, 346. 66 from last year.---Jayson Rodriguez