Schoolboy Q's album cover will not be the infamous Crying Michael Jordan face. The Top Dawg Entertainment rapper appeared on TMZ Live today (June 16) and admitted he was simply trolling with the Jordan and Donald Trump covers.

"The fact that people think I would actually use that as my album cover is funny," Schoolboy Q said. "So I just actually trolled the people because soon as I put it on my Twitter, everybody just said Schoolboy Q album cover, Schoolboy Q artwork. They defeated the purpose of what I was doing."

The Los Angeles native said that it wasn't simply done as a joke. He had a concept in mind that involved more fake covers. But as soon as everyone saw the first one, it spread faster than Schoolboy Q anticipated.

"I have a concept behind it," Q said. "My album is called Blank Face. And earlier... No, late last night, I put out the Donald Trump cover. But I had a series of covers that I was gonna put out."

The momentum behind the Crying Jordan meme cover became so overwhelming that Schoolboy Q actually thought about making it the legitimate cover artwork.

"I even tried to make it my album cover," he told TMZ. "I called my manager, Top and them, and I'm like, 'You think we can possibly see if we can get this cleared?' And they were like, 'Nah, I doubt we can that."

Now that the truth is out, the "That Part" rapper has finally revealed the official cover for Blank Face. You can see it below as Schoolboy Q shared the artwork on Twitter this afternoon.

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