Schoolboy Q almost called it quits after the release of Oxymoron. In a new interview with Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, Q revealed that he thought about hanging it up due to all of the time he had to be away from his daughter.

"After Oxymoron, I almost quit," Schoolboy Q said. "I was gone for a year and a half, and then before that I was gone for a year, and then before that I was gone for six months. You get what I'm saying? That’s three years. My daughter’s seven. Like the first two years I didn’t raise her because I was dirt broke. Then I only got two years in with her. My daughter always lived with me, so I only got two years of raising her out of seven years. So it's like I’m not about to be that rapper. I’m not about to be that person that puts his job, his business, his money over his family. I go out and I please everybody else, making this money and making other people money, meanwhile my kid, my family, they’re sitting back waiting for me to come home. That ain't cool."

The "THat Part" rapper explained that when he returns home, it is always jarring to see how different things have become. Another surprising admission came when ScHoolboy Q said he did not learn how to read until he was nine years old. The Los Angeles MC said that once he finally learned, he never failed a class again.

Schoolboy Q is incredibly open in this interview, so take a few minutes to watch and listen. The TDE artist's new album Blank Face is due out this Friday (July 8).

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