Ray Rice's domestic violence dispute has been a hot topic of discussion since the 2014 NFL season started. And after the video of Rice punching his then-fiancée in February leaked Monday, the Baltimore Ravens Running Back was dropped from the team and suspended indefinitely from the NFL.

Hip-hop was up in arms on the matter, including Houston legend Scarface. During our phone conversation earlier today, we asked 'Face his thoughts on Ray Rice and the Raven's decision to cut him from the team. Here's his response, raw and uncut.—As Told To Eric Diep

Shit, that’s his. That ain’t my motherfuckin’ business. I think they double jeopardizing cuz, though. You know what I am saying? When [Ray is] in trouble, he shouldn’t have put his hands on that girl, right? I’m in agreement with that. You are never, never supposed to hit a women. I don’t give a fuck if she fuckin' shoots your dog. Don’t ever put your hands on a woman. Just walk away. Here’s my take: I just snatched your dick back. She start getting out of pocket, she can’t get the dick no more. She’s out of there. And when she’s having withdrawals, then we can talk about it. At the end of the day, you never put your hands on a woman under any circumstances. 

It’s fucked up that he hit her, [but] he’s already been punished for it. You can’t get a suspension and everything is cool, and then you go back and you get life in prison. That’s not how you do that. You cannot punish him again for the same crime. I know he felt fucked up after putting his hands on that woman. [It's like] you go up there and shoot somebody in the face and you kill ‘em. "Alright, well, we are gonna give you 22 years." Right? In prison. But, they go back and see the film and the judge come back and say, “You know what? I’ma retract that fuckin' sentence I just gave you. I wanna give you fuckin' life now! ‘Cause I didn’t know that you shot him with a gun that big.”

He fucked up when he hit that woman. They shoulda cut his fuckin' balls off when he did it. You know? Don’t fucking leave him with his balls and come back and say you are gonna cut them off now. Don’t do that. You need to cut his balls off when you sentenced him. But now you gotta let him make it. I think he should fuckin' fine TMZ’s ass up. And the person that leaked it. He hit the girl, it’s not like they not together. She still married him. So apparently, judging from her still marrying him, that’s not the first time he put his hands on her. Every man is gonna fight the war that he deserves, and unfortunately this war that he’s getting ready to fight is not the war that he wanted.