SahBabii has just come through with a new video for "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick," the song that put him on the fast track to rap stardom and a Warner Bros. Records deal and it's quite a bit different from the original visual.

Whereas the first visual for the hopelessly catchy track was more like a larger scale version of Chief Keef's gun-laden "I Don't Like" video, the new iteration is gun-less, while being a good deal more stylized and cinematic. It's also shot in black and white.

While SahBabii's new video still features appearances from his associates, it seems to focus more so on his stage-rocking exploits as he performs in front of a large crowd. Considering the way he's been blowing up lately, that's more than a little appropriate.

Believe it or not, SahBabii, who describes his sound as "melodic trap,” almost trashed "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick." “At first it was a 15-second clip of the song on Instagram and people kept commenting about it,” SahBabii explained when we talked to him back in April.

He continued, “That’s when I knew it was kind of going to be something. I thought I was making better music. I was going to throw the song away but it kind of grew on me. But when I seen the people liking it, I put it on the mixtape [S.A.N.D.A.S.] and dropped it in October. Atlanta was on it, the girls twerking to it, the whole clubs singing it, radio. Atlanta was definitely behind it.”

Check out his new visual for the Loso Loaded-assisted banger below.

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