Earlier this month, Safaree revealed that he was robbed at gunpoint just hours before visiting radio host Angie Martinez for an interview at Power 105.1 in New York City. Following reports that two suspects were arrested in connection to the incident on April 3, surveillance footage is now being released to the public.

Today (April 11), TMZ has obtained and released the security camera footage from inside the parking garage, which shows the "Love the Most" rapper standing next to his vehicle while being searched and forced to the ground by two gunmen.

The two suspects run up on Safaree and his friend after waiting inside of the parking garage, drawing their guns immediately. Viewers can visibly see the Love & Hip Hop star sporting one of his signature red fur coats, with the gunmen spreading it open in order to take whatever items he has on him. After taking valuables, the two gunmen force Safaree and company to lay face down on the ground before they flee the scene.

Reports recently surfaced that the rapper knew one of the men, Shawn Harewood, that was arrested for the crime. The two were said to be friends, having known each other since they were 14 years old, but reportedly stopped speaking when Safaree and Nicki Minaj broke up. The other man who was arrested and accompanied Harewood in the robbery is named Jonathan Rickett.

If you recall, Safaree emotionally described the incident during his interview with Martinez, stating that the perpetrators "took everything." Following the arrest of the suspects by police, he claimed that they took approximately $183,000 of cash and jewelry.

This is another incident of Safaree being involved in a violent situation, as the rapper was allegedly jumped by Meek Mill and his crew last year. Meek later denied his role in the incident.

Check out the surveillance footage of Safaree being robbed at gunpoint in the video below.

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