Back in January, RZA gave an interview for a musical instrument company called ROLI. You know, one of those videos that's really just promo for a product, but ends up being pretty dope anyway. It's always a treat to hear RZA nerd out about music production, and here, he reveals an incredible gem about recording Wu-Tang Clan's "Bring Da Ruckus" from their 1993 debut album.

"When we was making a song called 'Bring Da Ruckus,' we took the snare and we put it in an elevator shaft and recorded it," says RZA. "And that gave us that [crash]."

It's a quick little tidbit, easily skipped over if you aren't paying attention, but it's framed by his admiration for sound design (he also talks about how even "the sound of the knife piercing the skin" in the iconic shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 thriller Psycho has a "musical context").

For hardcore Wu-Tang fans, it's a glimpse into the creative genius behind just one of many sounds on Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Elsewhere in the interview, he talks about how replacing curse words with sound effects was both a creative way to make clean versions of songs, and an element of excitement for listeners.

Watch the video below.

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