Royce 5'9" has been one of the few MCs to carry on the tradition of freestyling over beats released from other rappers. So it's only a matter of time before he gets into project mode to combine some of his best freestyles with new material as a part of The Bar Exam mixtape series. Earlier today (June 19), Royce tweeted a video that announces the release of the fourth installment tomorrow.

In a short video, a laptop set in an ornate library switches between text screens to reveal that his self-proclaimed "The Highly Anticipated Mixtape," will be hosted by DJ Green Lantern and available tomorrow at noon EST.

He also set up a redirect for THEBAREXAM4.COM to go directly to the Datpiff page, where the project will be available for streaming. As the text screens change, so does the music in the background. You can hear snippets of Royce's freestyle over Phresher's "Wait a Minute," Big Sean's "Control" and two other new songs.

There's also a video on the Datpiff page that features a new song "C. Delores" on the upcoming tape. It opens with a snippet from activist C. Delores Tucker's 1993 speech denouncing gangster rap. The track leads into the new song with a beat that samples the often-sampled "Chanson d'un jour d'hiver" by Cortex.

In a press release for the mixtape, Royce stated, "I like how there are so many different groups representing the culture, I just want us all to be aware of how much this culture has provided for us and the fight we had to go through to get here. Hip-hop is a very powerful soundtrack to the world that gives testimony to our lives and it should be handled with care."

Royce had the hip-hop world excited earlier this year in January when he posted a video to Facebook of new music with Eminem as Bad Meets Evil.

You can check out the song "C. Delores," the 28-song track list for The Bar Exam 4 and the trailer for the mixtape below. Plus, hear a new Slaughterhouse songs called "Chopping Block" as well.

Royce 5'9" The Bar Exam 4 Tracklist

1. "Rap Genius Intro"
2. "C. Delores"
3. "Wake Up"
4. Who Dis?
5. "Pac Skit"
6. "No Radio"
7. "Combat"
8. "Gov Ball" Feat. Westside Gunn and Conway
9. "Nickle-9ne-Alooya"
10. "Chopping Block" Feat. Slaughter House
11. "Line in the Sand"
12. "Keys"
13. "Play My Music"
14. "Crack Baby Skit"
15. "Wait a Minute"
16. "Beats Keep Callin"
17. "Down These Roads"
18. "Let's Take Them to War"
19. "Ice-T 2nd Ammendment Skit"
20. "Power"
21. "Stay Down"
22. "Most Wanted"
23. "Lawyers Skit"
24. "Another Layer"
25. "Wisdom"
26. "Magnolia"
27. "Still Waiting" Feat. Nick Grant, Elzhi (Prod. by DJ Green Lantern)
28. "Twilight Zone"

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