When model/actress Shakur Sozahdah needed someone to portray her sexy, cocaine-hustling sister in the original Hot 97 TV series, Los Blancos, she knew exactly who to tab: Rosa Acosta.

“I’ve known Rosa for years and when it came to the situation, I thought that she was perfect for the part,” said Sozahdah about having Rosa play Sophia Blanco, the sister to her character Yasmine Blanco on the show that premiered on Hot97.TV earlier this week. “And what’s a better way to work with someone you love and care about and that you have a friendship with, because then it’s not really work…it’s work and play. It’s easier, the chemistry is better and it’s just a lot more fun.”

And dangerous fun is what the Blancos have, as the series has them running a lucrative cocaine-distribution operation, running into characters portrayed by the likes of rappers Maino and Kurupt along the way.

“I felt there was a void or an unspoken territory of the women running this type of a drug business, you know?” said Sozahdah, who’s also the online series’ creative and executive producer, co-writer and main star. “My character, she’s an Alpha female. She’s bold, she’s fearless, she’s cold-blooded, but she’s still able to keep her femininity at the same time and is still seductive and sexy.”

The same can be said for Rosa’s character, but with a twist.

“I play Sophia, the youngest of the two sisters,” Acosta told XXL. “She’s the typical younger little girl that is—such a wild child. She does what she wants, when she wants it. She doesn’t really care about anything but her sister, her dad who passed, and their family.”

To see Rosa and Shakur, two notable XXL Eye Candy models, on Los Blancos tune into Hot97.TV.—Jakinder Singh

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