The family of the late Ronald “Banga” McPhatter wants a proper apology from Troy Ave. The Brooklyn rapper apologized to the family via Instagram and asked permission to pay for McPhatter’s headstone. McPhatter’s family was not swayed by Troy’s attempt to ease the tension between the two sides.

“I believe he had no other choice but to respond that way, especially after he bashed my family,” McPhatter's mother Rose said Monday (April 17). “If he was sincere i think he would have tried to reach out directly. I would like to speak to him, because he could resolve a lot of mysteries I have about my son’s death.”

McPhatter’s sister Jamie Albert was unimpressed by Troy’s apology, noting that her mother does not use social media.

“How was my mother supposed to see that when she doesn’t have Instagram?” Albert told DNA Info.

The family has not decided if they wil take Troy up on his offer to pay for the headstone. Albert says if they do, she hopes the rapper will stop using her brother’s name for publicity.

“If my mother agrees to take money from you for the headstone, I don’t want you to ever mention it in public again,” she said. “You should do this because it’s right, not for publicity. If you have an apology for my mom, make it personal, not something for the media.”

Albert blames Troy for getting McPhatter involved in the shooting at Irving Plaza. She also believes the “I Ain’t Mad at Cha” MC is exploiting her brother's death.

View Troy Ave's apology below.

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