Don't get too close to Roddy Ricch. Recently, the Compton, Calif. rapper pushed a fan for trying to put his arm around him for a photo.

On Saturday (Feb. 18), Instagram account @slcscoop (Salt Lake City Scoop) posted a video of Roddy Ricch walking out of an event in Salt Lake City, Utah during NBA All-Star Weekend. Before he could jump into his vehicle, a throng of fans were waiting outside and were asking to take a picture with Roddy.

In the clip, one fan tries to put his arm around "The Box" rapper who quickly pushes his arm and raises the peace sign while the fan snapped a photo. Another person is heard asking the young rapper, "Am I allowed to get one sir, just one?" Roddy ignores that person and jumps in his waiting car.

In response to some people criticizing Roddy for being rude to a fan, the rhymer purportedly wrote in a since-deleted tweet on his Twitter account: "Imagine a nigga that prolly don't know two word to nun tryna put his arm around yo necc. asking to take a picture but simultaneously recording a video. [I'm] as humble as they come this internet shit is weird asl." (Swipe left to the second image below)

XXL has reached out to Roddy Ricch for comment.

Last December, Roddy Ricch got into a confrontation with a paparazzo who was filming him outside of Couture Kids on Robertson in West Hollywood, Calif. In the video, the 24-year-old artist and his security guard are putting boxes in the back of the rapper's Mercedes SUV when the shutterbug filming him attempted to get closer.

The security guard quickly shooed him away, but he was still filming. That's when Roddy approached the photographer and things got a little testy.

"Turn that off," he said multiple times. "Turn that off because I want to talk to you like a man."

"Bro, why you tripping?" the paparazzo responded. "I'm just doing my job," he adds before asserting Roddy is a celebrity and should be used to random people running up on him with cameras.

"You walked up on me. Don't walk up on me, nigga," Roddy responded. "This real life. Don't walk up on me, bro. You walking up on my car. I'm handling my personal business. You walking up on me. This ain't that. I'm living real life. Leave me the fuck alone, real shit."

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and Roddy Ricch continued with his errand.

Watch Roddy Ricch Push a Fan for Trying to Put His Arm Around Him Below

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