Commitment will take you far, just ask 2019 XXL Freshman Roddy Ricch. Starting his music career on a whim as a 16-year-old from Compton, Calif., his new pastime turned into a more lucrative path years later. The work put in culminated in his summer 2018 single "Die Young," a chilling song about a desire to stay safe, just as your life starts to bloom. Recorded the same night XXXTentacion passed away on June 18, the track picked up momentum slowly and then skyrocketed, crossing 90 million Spotify streams to date.

From this point on, it felt like Roddy Ricch's ascent never cooled off. He followed up with the release of his Feed Tha Streets II project in late 2018. "Project Dreams," his collaboration with EDM DJ Marshmello and and an appearance on "Racks in the Middle," Nipsey Hussle's last single before his untimely death, only raised Roddy's already soaring profile. With all he's accomplished in about a year, Roddy has more than earned his place on the 2019 XXL Freshman cover, alongside the rest of his peers. As part of the XXL Freshman process, Roddy kicked a freestyle, opting to taking a unique approach to it by snapping his fingers as a beat.

Roddy's freestyle is a thoughtful reflection on how difficult it was for him to make it out of his rough Compton surroundings, while still being happy with the spoils of his journey. "These judges ain't giving a fuck about us, they just washin' us up/I'm in the penthouse with the dirty money, tryna wash it up," he chants.

He also keeps it real about some of the activities he took part in at his grandmother's house. "Back at granny house, we was servin' junkies, tryna run it up/It was a lotta niggas, that was eatin' round us/They was watchin' us... starve," Roddy raps.

Catch the rest of Roddy Ricch's 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle at the top of the post.

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