300px-rock_steady_crew_circa_1981.JPGThe legendary Rock Steady Crew (RSC) will celebrate their 30th Anniversary this July with a host of events and parties taking place in Manhattan, the Bronx and New Jersey. Founded in 1977, the RSC is the world’s most famous break dancing crew. The collective holds a yearly party to celebrate the group’s history and the preservation of hip-hop culture. This year’s event will feature b-boy/girl contests, DJ sets, art shows, panels, parties and free concerts. “After 30 years we’re proud to say that we’re still going strong,” says Crazy Legs, RSC President. “For the anniversaries we want to focus on all aspects that make hip-hop the social force that it is. This is about education and entertainment. With crew battles, hot DJs, panels and live graffiti shows our 30th promises to showcase everything hip-hop represents.” This year’s RSC Anniversary will feature appearances from Sway of MTV, Rob Swift, RSC founder Joe Joe, Large Professor, Mr. Wiggles, Keith Murray, EPMD and Grandmaster Mele Mel. For a complete list of the 30th Anniversary events, visit www.rocksteadycrew.com.

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