Earlier this month, Roc Marciano was named the Vice President and Director of A&R at Man Bites Dog Records. Now, in an interview with XXL, the Long Island veteran speaks on his role with the indie imprint.

Roc broke down his duties with Man Bites Dog, saying that he will be overseeing the quality of label's productions, as well as help sign new acts. He explained that joining the label was a very natural and organic process, as he had already been working with Man Bites Dog on an artistic level.

"It was just natural, you know what I'm saying?" he said. "We were already doing a lot of business together. Ryan would reach out to me about different records and stuff like that, ask for my opinion, so it was kind of just organic, basically. I'ma be signing acts and just basically helping out with the projects and the artists that are already there, just giving my opinion on what records to run with and things of that nature. A little bit of everything."

Man Bites Dog founder Ryan "R.M.L." Lynch echoed Roc's sentiments, saying, "It's very organic, man. People are all about organic food these days; we're about organic relationships and about organic music. For what we went to for Roc for the head of A&R, he's the man. He's got one of the best ears for quality music in the game right now. He's shown you that by his last two projects that he's put out, and I think that everything that he always does is quality. I never hear a feature from him that I think is lackluster. I think everything he goes for, he goes supreme on. It's a great jump-off point."

Check in with XXL later this week for the second part of our interview with Roc Marciano.